2019 Summer group picture


2018 Dec, party to celebrate Xuetian’s graduation!


2018 Dec. Xuetian at PhD commencement!

2018 Jan. Group reunion in Nature Conference, Shenzhen

(Lufeng Yang, Bo Nan, Dr. Chen, Hai Wang)


2017 May Group picture

2017 Feb 23-24

Xuetian, Shan, Lufeng and Zhantao at NSLS-II at BNL for in situ XRD experiments. This is our first beam time at this the fabulous gen-4 synchrotron source

2016 Dec 05

Group picture after group meeting


2016 Nov 30

Another busy and productive beam time trip to APS. Lufeng’s first synchrotron user experience!

aps2 aps1


2016 Oct 08 Farewell lunch for Hai at Bobo Garden

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2016 August, another trip to APS@ANL, Chicago

20160811_102701 20160811_102735

2016 July, group outing@lookout mountain

IMG_6949 IMG_7041 IMG_7032 IMG_6982


2016 summer, with the GIFT teacher Awad and SURE student Jacqueline


lab selfie!


2016 April Group picture. Celebration of end of the semester!


2015 August, experiment trip to APS, Argonne National Lab.

Malte working at 17-BM


Dr. Chen working at 17-BM


Xuetian, Shan, Malte and Dr. Chen at the gate of APS.

2014 Nov.  Experiment trip to APS

The hutch of beam line 17-BM at APS


Xuetian and Shan having fun with the featured transportation tool at APS–the tricycles!


Mbraun engineering is installing the glove box.


Bruker D8 advance diffractometer being installed!


Huge packages of the diffractometer jamming the hallway!